We are

 the Pfarrkeßlar community. Currently composed of 12 adults, lots and lots of children, goats, geese, 3 cats, a donkey, and Mona, our female dog. We are craftsmen/women, social workers, set designers, musicians, self-employed, dreamers and visionaries. The community life is based around this historic place. There, we share our everyday life and organize events and parties.

Hintergrundbild der Windows-Fotoanzeige

Aside accommodations, our house also holds a sizable community room, a bakery, the Kamelhaarsalon (the camelhair lounge) where we show movies and play music, as well as a party room, linking the main house to the side building. We also have stalls, grazing fields, a vegetable garden with a greenhouse. Our fields are constantly adapted and re-adapted for all sorts of games and activities with short-term, but also long-term installations, such as a sauna, a swimming pool, a workshop and way more.

Pfarrkeßlar is also the home of the „buntergrund“ association, organizing non-profit events, school trips, holiday camps hosted in the seminary building.


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